About Us

Thule discgolf OÜ (thuledg.ee) is a company established in the spring of 2020, which sells discgolf discs and disgolf-related equipment (bags, baskets, etc.). We’re constantly working to improve the website to make it even more buyer friendly.

Our product range is wide, there are products from major manufacturers such as Innova, Prodigy, Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, MVP, Discmania and Westside Discs We have also added some companies which are little-known in Europe, such as RPM Discs from New Zealand and soon Mint Discs plus some others from the USA.

Thule discgolf sells its products only through the website www.thuledg.ee. Our specialty is that we add a picture and the actual disc weight to every disc we sell on our website. All discs are weighed on calibrated and certified scales.

Although we are located in Estonia, Tallinn, we offer the opportunity to send goods to all of Europe or to the whole world.

We want to offer fast (same day posting) and reliable service. Support and advise anyone interested in discgolf.

Thank you for using our website and shopping with Thule discgolf!

Narva mnt 128 – 70



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